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8:22am Thu Nov 28, 2013
(...) the homeless in Newark could close because of spending cuts proposed by Nottinghamshire County Council.
(...) It opened in 2007 but is among services that could be axed if council funding cuts go ahead. The charity’s chief executive, Mr Andrew Redfern, said (...)
(...) across the county. He said if the cuts were implemented, hostels in Newark, Mansfield and Gedling would be threatened with closure. Supported housing, which helps people (...)
(...) restructuring, but could no longer bridge the gap. The chairman of the council’s adult social health and health committee, Muriel Weisz, said it had to find (...)
9:32am Wed Nov 19, 2014
(...) councillor claims residents of Newark and Sherwood will think the district council is “barmy” to be looking to (...)
he council wants to sell Kelham Hall and leave the property in 2017 to move (...)
(...) the council should balance its budget in 2015/16 through identified savings, but there was concern for services beyond that. The council predicted (...)
(...) in council tax would require savings of approximately £900,000 in the 2015/16 budget. The grant available to Newark and Sherwood District Council for (...)
(...) frightening. She urged the council to consult with households over a rise in council tax, suggesting if people (...)
(...) the council was “doing itself out of a job” by devolving so many services. Council leader Mr Roger Blaney said the new offices would save the council £500,000 (...)
(...) “responsible financial management.” Mr Blaney was confident there would be no rise in council tax in 2015/16 and said he was hopeful one wouldn’t be required the (...)
2:45pm Mon Sep 22, 2014
(...) council will employ two officers at a cost of £50,000 to help tackle homelessness. (...)
ewark and Sherwood District Council said the appointments would save £57,000 a year. At its homes (...)
(...) told about a project that aims to help prevent people becoming homeless. The council commissioned consultants to help profile the type of people using its housing options (...)
(...) short-term housing issues but needed the council’s assistance fairly quickly. She said the council had employed a tenancy support officer to help people in temporary accommodation or (...)
(...) homeless household costs the council around £3,000. Committee chairman Mr Bruce Laughton said the council recognised spending on creating (...)
(...) most of the time. The council was looking to work with Newark and Sherwood Homes to see if additional (...)
(...) their lives.” More information for those facing housing issues is available from the council on 01636 650000.
12:44pm Thu Nov 03, 2011
ome councillors described it as an eyesore with nothing left to preserve, others said to (...)
ut after a long debate at Wednesday night's Newark Town Council planning meeting, councillors came down on the side of demolishing the (...)
(...) of ten to five. It is now down to Newark and Sherwood District Council to make the final decision on Tuesday. The plight (...)
(...) say yes to demolition, we are rewarding negligence." Mr Paul Baggaley said Newark must "hang on to its history," and that he thought parts of the (...)
(...) Wetton said hundreds of people wanted to save the building and the council should support them. Mr Kevin Clayton said he thought people wanted to get (...)
7:00am Sat Jun 14, 2014
(...) Cemetery will be allowed to place ornaments for 28 days before the town council leaves a note asking them to follow the rules. Stone beds will also (...)
(...) The council drew up new proposals after receiving complaints about some of the graves. But more than 600 people signed a petition calling on the council to relax the rules. The council carried (...)
(...) days, the council’s notice was ignored for a further 28 days, the council would remove the decoration. Mr Stockwood said: “The changes in rules accommodate those (...)
(...) the council during its public consultation including claims there was a poor standard of grave maintenance and that different graves had different rules applied to them. Some said the council had (...)
(...) of maintenance should have improved in recent months. In response to claims the council had acted unlawfully, Mr Stockwood said grave owners did not own the land (...)
(...) consultation, will now be considered. All ornaments must be app–roved by the council and cannot be fragile items that could shatter.
8:00am Sun Jun 22, 2014
otential fathers wanting to adopt or foster are being urged by Nottinghamshire County Council not to dismiss the idea because they are single or gay. (...)
he council said it wanted to dispel myths about who was allowed to adopt. More (...)
5:00am Wed Jul 02, 2014
(...) Minster School, Southwell, are invited to the next meeting of the town council. (...)
(...) school council so they could get a taste of how different types of democratic meetings were conducted. Town councillor Mr (...)
6:30am Mon Oct 27, 2014
(...) national award for road safety has been presented to Nottinghamshire County Council for its work to reduce accidents on one of the county's busiest roads. (...)
he council won the Highway Magazine national award for road safety project of the year (...)
(...) performing council in reducing the number of those killed and seriously injured across all its roads. The council was (...)
10:14am Mon Sep 22, 2014
(...) to quarry gravel at land near a village has been handed to Nottinghamshire County Council. (...)
(...) 300-acre quarry site near Coddington was submitted to a meeting of the full council last week by the area's county councillor Mrs Maureen Dobson. Around 2,400 people (...)
(...) Coddington Against Gravel Extraction (Cage). Mrs Dobson said people in Coddington and in Newark were concerned about the impact the gravel extractions works would have on traffic (...)
(...) County Council has not got to grips with doing a traffic plan with Newark and (...)
(...) and nearby businesses such as the Newark Showground, Newark Air Museum, Newark Auctions, Newark Golf Club and pubs and restaurants.
(...) and Newark Air Museum, is one of five new sand and gravel extraction sites earmarked by the county council as (...)
(...) the latest step in a 20-year blueprint for quarrying in the county. The council has to identify an estimated 48m tonnes of sand and gravel up to (...)
(...) Details can of the minerals plan can be found at the Nottinghamshire County Council website or by visiting the Cage website. (...)
7:15am Fri Nov 21, 2014
(...) village is to get a defibrillator after a council chairman rode more than 1,000 miles on a motorbike in four days. (...)
r David Clarke, of South Scarle Parish Council, made a return journey to Scotland on his Honda Blackbird. He rode 1,234 (...)
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